Aniek Janssen, PI

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“After enjoying the beautiful nature as well as science in Northern California during my postdoctoral work with Gary Karpen (UCB/LBNL), I moved back to the Netherlands early 2019 to start my own lab in the Netherlands. Besides talking about flies and chromatin, I am a big fan of hiking, running and fine dining.”

Apfrida Kendek, PhD student

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“My project will focus on DNA repair in heterochromatic regions using Drosophila as a model organism. I was born in Indonesia but have been living in the Netherlands in the last 10 years. I studied Biology during my bachelor and I followed the master program Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences at Utrecht University.  In my spare time I love to try out some (Indonesian) recipes and take care of my small garden where I plant vegetables and flowers”

Severina Pociunaite, master student

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“This year I started Cancer, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology masters program in Utrecht University. Originally I come from Lithuania and I got my bachelor degree in Genetics from Vilnius University. Between my Bachelors and Masters degree I had a gap year and worked at ThermoFisher Scientific until I decided that I wanted to further my education and pursue my future career in cell biology with a focus on epigenetics. This is why I applied for an internship with Aniek Janssen and now am very happy to be working on chromatin changes at double strand breaks.”

Marit van Bueren, PhD student

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“I started my journey in science in Leiden finishing both my Bachelor and Master degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. In the beginning of 2020 I began as a PhD student in the lab of Aniek Janssen at UMC Utrecht. I will be focusing on heterochromatin repair responses in the maintenance of genetic stability in a mammalian setting. Besides my busy PhD life, I like to relax by being creative with sewing or crochet, but simply watching series does also suffice.”

Marieke Wensveen, PhD student

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“I started my PhD in the lab of Aniek Janssen in the beginning of 2020. My PhD project will focus on double strand break repair in the facultative heterochromatin in Drosophila. Before I started in this lab, I did the bachelor pharmaceutical sciences and master drug innovation, both at the University of Utrecht. In my free time I like to read, join some group sessions at the gym and enjoy the weather outside (if possible…).”

Jan Paul Lambooij, senior research technician

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“After working for almost 20 years at the Dutch Cancer Institute, I joined the group of Aniek Janssen at the UMC-Utrecht in April 2020. We investigate the role of heterochromatin in the maintenance of genome stability, and prevention of cancer, using flies and human cell lines. In my function as lab manager/technician I’m responsible for the structure and organisation of the lab and support the members of our group. In my free time I like to play hockey and I play guitar in a band.”

Sharon Klomp, Bachelor student

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“In September 2020 I started my graduation internship at Aniek Janssen’s lab. I am studying Life Sciences at the Hogeschool Utrecht and this is my final year. My main area of interest is cancer and I really enjoy working in the lab, especially working with human cell cultures. The project I am working on focuses on cancer related changes in heterochromatin proteins and the effect on genomic instability in human cancers.”